Spun Yarn Vs Filament Yarn

Spun Yarn Vs Filament Yarn

In the vast landscape of textile production, two primary types of yarn dominate the scene: the first type of fibres is spun yarn and the second one is filamented yarn. These are two types of yarn that lay the foundation for the textile industry with each variety representing unique features and functions. The clarity between …

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What is the Yarn count in Textile?

What is the Yarn count in Textile

To explain the quality of a textile fabric we must first refer to the count and construction of the fabric. Here, count means the yarn count and by construction means the number of warp yarns and weft yarns used in one inch of fabric.  Count is a numerical term that indicates the fineness or coarseness …

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Yarn Count Meaning: Yarn Count Definition & Yarn Count Types

Yarn Count Meaning

Yarn refers to the fiber strand that can be fashioned through weaving, knitting, and any other techniques. One of the crucial parts of the textile industry is Yarn Count. The spinning and weaving mills only run with this term Count. Product cost depends on yarn count.  What Does Yarn Count Meaning? Yarn count refers to …

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What is Militex or Mtex? 

What is Militex or Mtex

What is Militex? Militex or Mtex is a unit of measurement used to express the fineness of textile fibers, particularly natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. It is a more precise unit than denier, which is another common unit for measuring fiber fineness. What is Militex or Mtex? The weight of 1000 meters or …

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What Is a Quadrant Balance? 

What Is a Quadrant Balance

What Is a Quadrant Balance? Right from the name you can assume that a quadrant balance is something to do with balancing. While you are not totally wrong, the quadrant balance is used for measuring the count of slivers, roving, and yarn using balancing techniques. The quadrant balance is a direct reading yarn count balance. …

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Things to Know About a Stubb Yarn Balance

What is a Stubb Yarn Balance

The Stubb yarn balance is also known as a pocket balance. It is used for determining the weft yarns and the count of warp which is extracted from a small piece of fabric.  A yarn balance is known as a yarn counting system which is helpful for the textile industry. It helps to determine the …

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What is a Wrap Reel Balance?

What is a Wrap Reel Balance

Right from the name you can possibly get a picture of what a wrap reel balance can be. A wrap reel, also known as a skein winder is a device that is used for measuring yarn and turning it into hanks of standard size. The wrap reel machine is used for measuring the length of …

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What is Beesley Balance?

What is Beesley Balance

In the textile industry, there are several components used to ensure that the products are being created in the correct way. Without having the measurements or weights of different fabric materials, it is almost impossible to manufacture a product without any defects. To ensure that your textile item is not faulty and does not react …

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What is Kilotex? Best Way To Know

What is Kilotex 

Even though most terms from the textile industry are not easy to understand, you will be able to catch their meanings if you put your mind to it. From the term kilotex, you can probably tell it has something to do with kilograms. If you were in that direction then you are correct.  Kilotex is …

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What is Decitex or DTex? Things You Have To Learn 

Things to Learn About Decitex or DTex

Some terms from the textile industry might be confusing for people who are not involved with these matters as the names are very uncommon. But even if the names are weird or unheard of, they have their own value and have an important job in the textile industry.  For example, decitex or dtex is a …

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