Yarn Count vs Thread Count: Tabular Formed Differences

Yarn count and thread count both are familiar terms in the textile industry. Do you know the difference between them? If not, then the article is for you. There are a couple of factors that determine the fabric thickness. We are going to solve the differences between them and how if affect the fabric.

What is Yarn Count?

Yarn count refers to the numerical expression to measure the fineness and coarseness of the material. From yarn to fabric, the process is important. It is known to all that yarn is well-made by twisting several fiber strands.

Yarn Count
An Image About Yarn Count

These strands are made into a continuous length of interlocked fibers under the spinning process. Then they are called the extended lengths of the intertwined fibers. All these yarns are woven and knitted into fabrics.

What is Thread Count?

The thread count refers to the total yarn count of the yarn count horizontally and vertically on 1 square inch. More specifically, the thread count is the thread number per square inch of fabric.

Thread Count
An Image About Thread Count

A higher thread count means a finer thread. Threads are made up of several single strands, which remain twisted together.

Differences between Yarn Count and Thread Count

In tabular form, the difference between yarn count and thread count is given below:

Topic of DifferenceYarn CountThread Count
DefinitionYarn count refers to the measurement of the thickness and fineness of one single yarn. Thread count refers to the horizontal number and vertical number of threads, which are respectively weft and warp threads per square inch in any woven fabric.
Unit of ExpressionExpressed in Tex, Denier, Ne/NmRepresents the total number of threads a square inch
ImportanceThe durability, strength, and comfort of a yarnThe quality and softness of different fabrics
MeasurementThe linear density of yarnThe density of threads
ScopeThickness of individual yarnThe number of threads in a woven fabric
The Higher the Yarn/Thread CountIf the yarn count is higher, the yarn will be finerThe higher the thread count the softer the finished goods.


A system of numbering the yarn sizes is adopted throughout the branches of the textile industry. As per the thickness, the custom is practiced to distinguish different yarns. Meanwhile, thread count means the number of threads that fit within a square inch of the fabric. Yarn count mostly reflects the quality of the fabric whereas thread count reflects the thread density within the fabric a square inch.

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