What is Militex or Mtex? 

What is Militex or Mtex

What is Militex? Militex or Mtex is a unit of measurement used to express the fineness of textile fibers, particularly natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. It is a more precise unit than denier, which is another common unit for measuring fiber fineness. What is Militex or Mtex? The weight of 1000 meters or … Read more

What Is a Quadrant Balance? 

What Is a Quadrant Balance

What Is a Quadrant Balance? Right from the name you can assume that a quadrant balance is something to do with balancing. While you are not totally wrong, the quadrant balance is used for measuring the count of slivers, roving, and yarn using balancing techniques. The quadrant balance is a direct reading yarn count balance. … Read more

What is a Wrap Reel Balance?

What is a Wrap Reel Balance

Right from the name you can possibly get a picture of what a wrap reel balance can be. A wrap reel, also known as a skein winder is a device that is used for measuring yarn and turning it into hanks of standard size. The wrap reel machine is used for measuring the length of … Read more

What is Beesley Balance?

What is Beesley Balance

In the textile industry, there are several components used to ensure that the products are being created in the correct way. Without having the measurements or weights of different fabric materials, it is almost impossible to manufacture a product without any defects. To ensure that your textile item is not faulty and does not react … Read more

What is Kilotex? Best Way To Know

What is Kilotex 

Even though most terms from the textile industry are not easy to understand, you will be able to catch their meanings if you put your mind to it. From the term kilotex, you can probably tell it has something to do with kilograms. If you were in that direction then you are correct.  Kilotex is … Read more