What is the Woolen Count? 

What is the Woolen Count

For any type of fabric, there is a specific yarn count for it. A yarn count tells a lot about the material. The woolen count is the same for woolen fabric. The woolen count is the number of hanks of 256 yards per pound. Using the formula, the count of woolen yarn can be figured … Read more

What is the Worsted Yarn Count?

What is the Worsted Yarn Count

The Worsted yarn count is the yarn count of the worsted weight yarn. This particular yarn is very popular for knitters or crocheters because of its versatility. That is because, the yarn falls within the medium-weight category and comes in different textures, fibers, and colors. The worsted cotton yarn count tells you about the weight … Read more

What is Metric Yarn Count System?

What is the Metric Yarn Count System

What is Metric Count? The metric yarn count system or yarn number or linear density, refers to the numerical indication that shows how defined or coarse a yarn is. Using this, the length per unit or mass per unit length of a yarn in relation to its weight, can be determined.  As for the metric … Read more

What is English Cotton Count?

What Do We Know About the English Cotton Count

The English cotton count is also referred to as Number English or Ne and it is an indirect system of determining the size of a specific cotton yarn. Usually, counting methods like these have their own formula which helps to calculate the cotton count. As for the English cotton count, the formula is the number … Read more