Knitted Fabric Yarn Count and GSM Chart

Knitted fabric is prepared with yarn loops. In that case, it is also important to calculate the optimum production of knitting machines. Usually, the knitting manager does certain calculations to ensure the proper use of machines and fabric production as per the customer’s demand. In this article, there will be a discussion of yarn count and the GSM chart of knitted fabric.

What is GSM?

Fabric GSM is an important standard for textile technologists during fabric production. GSM, or “Grams per Square Meter,” refers to the weight of fabric in grams per square meter.

What is Fabric GSM
An Image About Yarn Count and GSM Chart

This measurement enables a comparative comparison of materials based on their unit area, distinguishing heavier from lighter choices.

Knitting Fabric Yarn Count Selection

There are some formulas to understand the knitting fabric yarn count selection.

 For example, in a single knitting machine, the suitable formula for yarn count is,

count = G * G/ 18 [G is a gauge of the Knitting Machine]

For the double knitting machine, the count is,

Count = G * G/8.4 [G= The gauge of the knitting machine]

In knitting, gauge is the expression of the number of needles in a unit length of the needle bed. Gauge refers to the number of needles per inch. 

Chart of Knitting Fabric Yarn Count and GSM 

Interlock fabric:

The knitted fabric includes interlock fabric. With two sets of needles and interlocking loops, interlock is a double-knit fabric that is less elastic, thicker, and more stable than single-knit fabric. Because of its reputation for strong recovery and shape retention, interlock is a widely used material in the textile industry for a variety of purposes.

Yarn CountFinished GSM
34 s250-270
36 s230-250
38 s200-210
40 s190-200

Lycra S/JL:

Lycra is a kind of synthetic fiber. Other names of Lyxra are spandex or elastane. It is a frequently added component to give elasticity and stretch. It is very well-liked in the manufacturing of sportswear, swimwear, and clothing items where comfort and flexibility are crucial. 

Yarn Count (Lycra)Finished GSM
30s + 20 D190-200
34 s + 20 D180-190
38 s + 20 D160-170
40 s + 20 D150-160


In this article, we have gone through two knitted fabrics Interlocked and Lycra yarn count and GSM chart to give you an initial idea. Let us know if you have any further queries in the comment box.

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