Yarn Count and GSM Chart: Explained with Chart

The relationship between Yarn Count and GSM Chart varies on the factors, for instance, the type of yarn used, the structure of weave and knit, and any kind of additional finishes applied to the fabric. So, based on this factor and different fabric types, this article covers the chart of yarn count and fabric GSM.

What is Yarn Count?

Count means a numerical value. Yarn count means the expression of the yarn in a coarse and fine nature. It also indicates the length and weight of the relationship.

Yarn Count
An Image About Yarn Count

The weight is measured in the mass per unit length of the yarn.

What is Fabric GSM?

Fabric GSM (Gram per square meter) measures the fabric weight per unit area. It indicates the density and thickness of the fabric.

What is Fabric GSM
An Image About Fabric GSM

If the fabric GSM value ranges high, it means the fabric is thick and dense. Lower GSM simply means a light and thinner fabric. 

Finding Yarn Count from Fabric GSM

If you are making a single jersey fabric but don’t know the fabric count, you can easily get an idea of the yarn counts from fabric GSM. For instance:

A single jersey fabric is 130 GSM. What would be its yarn count?

Answer: For Single Jersey Fabric,

4300/ GSM= Yarn Count, which means

4300/130= 33.08 

Roughly you get an idea that this kind of fabric has a 32/34 yarn count

Chart of Yarn count and GSM Based on Fabric Type

In this segment, 4 types of fabrics are discussed in the chart with yarn count and finished GSM. Fabrics are Single Jersey, Rib Fabrics, and Double Lacoste.

  • Single Jersey Fabric
Yarn CountFinished GSM
18 s220-230
20 s200-220
24 s180-190
26 s 160-170
28 s 150-160
30 s 140-150
34 s120-130
  • Rib Fabric
Yarn CountFinished GSM
18 s280-290
20 s260-280
24 s240-250
26 s 230-240
28 s220-230
30 s200-220
34 s180-200
  • Double Lacoste
Yarn CountFinished GSM
22 s240-260
24 s 220-240
26 s 200-220
28 s 180-200
30 s160-180


Creating an exact yarn count and GSM (Grams per Square Meter) chart can be difficult. Because it is dependent on the type of fabric, the weave or knit structure, and other factors. However, we have given you the idea of popular yarn counts and their probable ranges of fabric GSM. 

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