Yarn Count and GSM Relation: Relation explained via Chart

While yarn count influences the thickness or fineness of the individual yarn, the fabric GSm reflects the overall weight and fabric density. They are interrelated and contribute to the fabric quality. Yarn count and fabric GSM relation are briefly discussed in this article.

What is Yarn Count?

Yarn count refers to the numerical value that represents the coarseness or fineness of yarn. Yarn count is calculated by taking into account the length and yarn weight.

Yarn Count
Chart of Yarn Count and GSM

The yarn weight is the mass per unit of the yarn length. Yarn count is important in knitting.

What is Fabric GSM?

Fabric GSM refers to the grams per square meter of the fabric. GSM means Gram per Square meter. Fabric GSM is measured in grams as it is the fabric weight per square meter. The unit of fabric GSM is gm/m square. Fabric GSm is the fabric specification for the understanding and fabric production. 

Relation Between Yarn Count and GSM

The relationship between yarn count and fabric GSM is influenced by the linear density of the yarn and the fabric structure. A finer yarn means a higher yarn count. The yarn results in a lighter and breathable fabric. The finer yarn occupies less space. Meanwhile, the thicker yarn means the lower yarn count contributes to the heavier or denser fabric. 

A basic formula to understand the yarn count and fabric GSM relation is:

Fabric GSM = (Yarn Count x Yarn Count) X Fabric Structure Factor

Here, the fabric structure factor is the weave or knit structure. 


The relationship between yarn count and gsm relation is not linear but it is influenced by factors like fabric structure. Fabric GSM represents whether the fabric in the unit area is heavier or lighter. Meanwhile, yarn count indicates the relationship between the length and weight of the yarn.

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