Single Jersey Fabric Yarn Count and GSM Chart

There is a specific chart of Single Jersey fabric to understand the relation between yarn count and Fabric GSM. The article covers the specific topic with examples for your benefit. 

What are Yarn Count and GSM?

GSM means grams per square meter. It is a measure of fabric weight. It tells how many grams one square meter of fabric weighs, allowing you to easily compare the thickness and durability of various materials. The unit for GSM is gm/m².

What is Fabric GSM
An Image About Fabric GSM

Yarn count is defined as mass per unit length or length per unit mass. It is a numerical quantity that measures the fineness or coarseness of yarn. 

What is Single Jersey Fabric?

Single Jersey Fabric refers to the versatile knitted fabric. It is made of 100% cotton. It is used in clothing like t-shirts, leggings, and other areas.

Single Jersey Fabric
Image of Single Jersey Fabric

Single jersey fabric is knitted and has two sides where the face side remains smooth and flat with visible knit loops. Meanwhile, the back side is looped and is slightly fuzzy.

Yarn Count and GSM Chart of Single Jersey Fabric

This is the chart of yarn count and finished GSM of Single Jersey Fabric:

Yarn CountFinished GSM
18 s220-230
20 s200-220
24 s180-190
26 s 160-170
28 s 150-160
30 s 140-150
34 s120-130

There is another chart that shows GSM count with and without Lycra/spandex/elastane. The chart follows:

Yarn CountGSM (without Lycra)GSM (With Lycra)
40 s100-120140-150
34 s130-140170-180
30 s140-150180-200
28 s150-160200-210
26 s160-170220-230
24 s170-180230-240
22 s190- 200250-260

For example, the fabric GSM of a single jersey fabric is 130. To determine the yarn count, you can use two simple formulas:

  • Formula/ Method #1:

Divide 4300 by the fabric’s GSM, that is, 4300/130 = 33.08.

Round the result to the nearest whole number, which is 33.

Now, choose a yarn with a count of approximately 32 or 34.

  • Formula/ Method #2:

Multiply GSM by -0.141: -0.141 x 130 = -18.33

Add 50.22 to the result. -18.33 + 50.22 = 31.89

Round the result to the nearest whole number. 32

Choose a yarn with an approximate count of 32.


We believe the given formula, method, and chart (with or without Lycra) give you a glimpse of how to find yarn count and GSM of Single Jersey fabric.

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