Things To Know About What is Cotton Yarn Count?

What is the cotton yarn count? It is the fineness and coarseness of a material which is expressed using numbers from the yarn count. If you are looking for a mathematical term then it is the length per unit mass or mass per unit length of a yarn. 

The most important specification of the cotton yarn count is that it delivers the correct measurement of the thinness or thickness of the filament. In simpler terms, judging from the cotton yarn count, it can be identified whether the yarn is thin or thick. Using the yarn count of cotton, the relationship between the yarn’s weight and length can also be figured out. 

The yarn count is one of the crucial specifications of the cotton yarn as it helps to guide how to use that yarn. People who are working in fabric testing and quality, fabric sourcing, or merchandising are quite accustomed to the yarn count of cotton since it is required for every fabric. 

In this article, we will go into detail about the cotton yarn count. 

Why is the Cotton Yarn Count Important?

A cotton’s yarn count is crucial as it says a lot about the cotton’s characteristics. Within the textile industry’s branches, various departments work with different fabrics to manufacture the respective items. To ensure that a certain density of cotton is not being used to create a product that requires another density of cotton, the cotton yarn count is necessary. It helps to distinguish different yarns judging by their thickness. 

There are various types of cotton yarn which serves a different purpose. Using the wrong one to create the wrong product will affect the business and also not be a satisfactory purchase for the customer. From the yarn cotton count, the coarseness and weight of the cotton are found and this is helpful while manufacturing a product.  

Cotton Yarn Counts for Spun Fibers

Spun fibers are created by interlocking staple fibers as it help to create a durable and stronger material. Even if the material is not made of cotton, the spun fiber is used to make it more long-lasting. For the spun yarn or thread, the cotton count is the appropriate term as it helps to identify the fineness and thickness of the fiber.  

How to Find the Cotton Yarn Count 

To make this part clearer, let us take an example of a spun polyester. 

A 20/5 spun polyester has a total cotton count of 4, which is the result of 20 divided by 5. This happens because the single end of the yarn is used to make a thread had a cotton count of 20 and 5 ends were combined to create a thread. So, the total cotton count is 4. 

To find the approximate yield of the yarn, we have to multiply the total cotton count by 840 yarns. So, 4 multiplied by 840 yards comes to 3,360 yards per pound.  

Final Words:

The cotton yarn count is a good way to identify which cotton is suitable for your use and which to avoid. If you have a clear understanding of the yarn count then manufacturing products using cotton is going to be much easier for you. 

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