What is English Cotton Count?

The English cotton count is also referred to as Number English or Ne and it is an indirect system of determining the size of a specific cotton yarn. Usually, counting methods like these have their own formula which helps to calculate the cotton count.

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As for the English cotton count, the formula is the number of times the entire length of one pound of yarn can be divisible by 840. 

Numbering SystemUnit of Length (I)Unit of Weight (w)
English cotton count, Ne (NeB)840 yards (yds)1 pound (lb)
English Count (Ne)

In simpler words, to use the English count method, to determine the yarn count you need to figure out, how many hanks are required for each pound. To understand more about the English cotton count and how it is carried out in the textile industry, keep reading. 

What is English Cotton Count?

As we have mentioned earlier, all the counting methods have their respective formula which helps to make the process easier. For the English count, the formula is, 

Ne = (L × w) / (l × W)


                   L = 9800 m (length of the yarn)

                   W = 490 gm (weight of the yarn)

                   w = 1 lb = 453.6 gm 

                   l = 840 yards x 0.91 =764.4 m 

                   So, Ne = (9800 X 453.6) / (490 X 764.4)  



Now, 12 Ne is the English count of the yarn. This means that 12 bundles of yarn with 840 yards of length are needed to obtain 1 pound weight.

Why is the English Cotton Count important?

The Number English or Ne has been around for a long time and it serves its purpose. This counting system is applicable for most yarns and it helps to determine the size of the cotton yarn. With this knowledge, manufacturing cotton products become easier and people have more ideas about the product. 

As a result, they are aware to take care of it accordingly. Using this method, as the count of the yarn increases, the yarn gets finer. This means that the English cotton count is helpful in determining the fineness of cotton yarn 

Final Words:

The English cotton count method has been put to use for a long time as it is an important part of the textile industry. It helps to determine the fineness of a cotton fabric which is essential to know before using it to manufacture any product. 

Cotton is a widely used fabric and it can be made into various things but various cotton has different fineness. The English cotton count is used to identify which sort of cotton can be used to make which product. 

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