What is the Worsted Yarn Count?

The Worsted yarn count is the yarn count of the worsted weight yarn. This particular yarn is very popular for knitters or crocheters because of its versatility. That is because, the yarn falls within the medium-weight category and comes in different textures, fibers, and colors.

The worsted cotton yarn count tells you about the weight of the particular fabric and its fineness. Even if all worsted yarn is very similar to one another in terms of texture, the fineness and weight can differ. 

The worsted count is the number of hanks or skeins which are the length of 560 yarns in one pound of yarn. Using this calculation, the fineness of the worsted yarn comes out. 

If you are still not clear about the worsted yarn count then keep reading this article. 

What is Worsted Yarn?

Worsted yarn is also known as afghan or aran weight yarn. The name “worsted” comes from a very specific spinning method that is used to create this yarn. The fibers are combined before they are spun which helps to create a durable and smooth finish. Within the worsted yarn category, there are several weights of the worsted yarn. 

From super fine to super bulky, various types of worsted yarn can be found. Some worsted yarns have fineness which is similar to one another but they actually have different characteristics. The worsted yarn is used to create hats, scarves, toys, home decor, baby items, and other worsted yarn products, most of which are crocheted. 

Why is the Worsted Yarn Count Important?

As there are several fineness of the worsted yarn count, it is important to use the right one to create the right product. If you are using a worsted yarn which is very bulky to make a lightweight product then you will not be happy with the results. The crocheting process will also get more difficult for you. Using the worsted yarn count, the fineness and coarseness of the yarn can be determined. The fineness of the yarn increases as the count value increases.  

Worsted Count Formula 

To find the exact worsted yarn count, a formula is being used by professionals in the textile industry. The formula is – 

Worsted Count = Sample length (yds) X 1lb/ Sample Weight (lb) X Weight Unit


Worsted Count = Number of hanks of 560 yards / Weight of yarn in pounds

In this formula, the length of the worsted yarn needs to be found out in yards along with the weight, also in yards. If those two are available, then plugging in the formula will give the exact value of the worsted yarn count. The worsted count unit is NeK or NeW. 

Final Words:

The worsted yarn count is important for the worsted material as it helps to identify the fineness of the worsted yarn. People who are into crocheting find it helpful because they need to know which worsted yarn can be used to crochet their desired product. 

The worsted yarn is complex by itself because there are several types of fineness within this category so it might be hard to choose one if you are not fully aware of its characteristics. 

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