What is the Woolen Count? 

For any type of fabric, there is a specific yarn count for it. A yarn count tells a lot about the material. The woolen count is the same for woolen fabric. The woolen count is the number of hanks of 256 yards per pound. Using the formula, the count of woolen yarn can be figured out. If the yarn count is high then it means that the yarn is very fine. 

Wool is a complicated fabric material to manufacture as it goes through various processes after it is extracted from sheep. During this process, wool can be turned into a fine substance or it can have a thick consistency. Both are used to create amazing products in the textile industry but only if the producer is aware of the wool’s consistency. For such reasons, the woolen count is crucial for the manufacturer and also for buyers. 

Figure: What is the Woolen Count

In this article, we will go in-depth about the woolen yarn count

Woolen Count Formula 

The woolen yarn count is acquired using a formula and the unit is YSW. Without the formula, it is not easy to find the woolen count and it will not be easy to identify if the fabric is fine or coarse. 

Even with the formula, there are additional requirements that need to be known so that manufacturers can get a clear idea of the material they are working with. 

Figure: Woolen Count Formula 

Woolen Count (YSW) = 256 yards lengths 1 Pound (Ib)

To find the number of hanks of 256 yards = L x 100 / 2.54 x 36 x 256

Using this formula, the woolen count can be figured out without much trouble. However, ensure that human error is inevitable, and even though it should not much as much the error should not be more than a decimal point

Why is the Woolen Count Important?

The woolen count is necessary just as much as the count for other fabric materials. Using the count, we can identify the structure or characteristics of a certain fabric before putting it to use. 

Figure: Woolen Fabric
Figure: Woolen Fabric

It is also important to know which products make up the fabric so that manufacturers can be careful before mixing it or using it with various chemicals during the process. Sellers also have to prepare the instructions tag which is helpful for buyers as it tells them how the product should be taken care of. 

Where is the Woolen Count Used?

The woolen count is mostly used in the textile industries before or during the process of creating a woolen product. Many people who also work with this material for creating handmade products are also in need of the count so that they can be sure of how to use it. Wool fabric sellers also have to know the count of certain woolen materials as they are selling them. 

Figure: Woolen Count Used

Final Words:

The woolen count is another necessary counting system in the textile industry as it tells a lot about the woolen fabric. without this, it would have been very tough to work with wool because manufacturers would not have been aware of its characteristics or how to put it to use. Wool is used in various ways only because we know so much about it. 

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