What is the Tex Number? You have to know

Now, you might be wondering what is a tex number if you are not someone who is well-known in the textile industry. However, you can probably connect the pieces and tell that the tex number has to do with the textile industry because the words align together. The tex number tells us how many grams a sewing thread with a length of 1000 meters weighs. As the tex number decreases, the thread gets finer. 

Figure: Tex Number

For example, 25 tex means that 1000 meters of the yarn weighs approximately 25 grams. To number the sewing threads, the tex system is usually recommended but it is not mandatory. That is because there are various other numbering methods that help to identify the specification of a yarn.  

In this article, we will go through all the things to know about a tex number and how it is necessary.  

Why is the Tex system Used?

The tex system was originally devised in 1873, and it is a universal method. This system helps to measure the weight of filament yarns and staple fiber yarns. The tex system helps us to identify the weight of each fabric material so that they can be used accordingly. If the manufacturers are aware of how much each yarn weighs then it makes the manufacturing process much easier because they can predict how to put it to use. 

The tex system is one of the less complicated ways to measure filament. However, there might be some errors associated with this process since it does not require many machineries. In the textile industry, the weight of a yarn or fabric is crucial as it identifies how it can be used or how it should be cared for. If the correct weight of a fabric is not identified then it will be used wrongly which might lead to a faulty product. As a result, it will not receive many sales and eventually harm the business.  

Tex number or System Elaborated. 

The tex system is quite simple. If you know that a yarn weighs 20 tex then it means that 1000 meters of the yarn weighs 20 grams. The tex system is only used for yarn of 1000 meters in length and not lower than that. You can calculate it but the answer will not be in tex as the calculation does not fall within the tex system. 

Figure: Tex Number

Even though there are other ways of weighing a fabric, the tex system is simple and easier. It does not require much effort and can be done without causing any hassle.  

Final Words:

The tex number is very easy to identify for manufacturers as they are equipped to do so. For local people, it should be ensured that there is no space for common errors as it can create a huge difference in the final number. Tex number helps to tell us how much a piece of fabric is going to weigh once it is put to use. Without the tex number, manufacturing clothing would have been tough. 

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