Do You Know What a Pound Per Spindle Is?

What a Pound Per Spindle Is? At first, hearing the name might make you confused because you are not aware of any of the mentioned words. However, if you are related to the textile industry then you have some idea about this topic. Pounds per spindle is the jute system and it is basically the jute count. The weight in pounds of 14400 yards of yarn is known as a pound per spindle. Using this counting method, the fineness or count of jute yarn can be figured out. 

Jute is one of the most valuable textile fabrics in the world. Most jute products are handmade which increases their price point. Moreover, it is also very tough to manufacture jute products because the material is very hard and easy to handle. 

Figure: What a Pound Per Spindle Is

Pound per spindle or jute yarn count is crucial to identify the weight of a particular piece of jute fabric and without this knowledge, it would have been tough for manufacturers to make use of this item.

In this article, we will go through all the relevant topics you should know about a pound per spindle. 

How to Calculate a Pound Per Spindle?

Pound per spindle is defined as the amount of weight of 1 pound of 14400 yards of jute. The pound per spindle count is a direct counting method. To calculate the pound per spindle, there is no specific formula to follow. 

Figure: Calculate a Pound Per Spindle
Figure: Calculate a Pound Per Spindle

You have to take multiple weight readings of different jute fabrics to find the average weight. The difference between the readings should not be vast as almost all jute materials have similar internal structures.

Steps to Find Pound Per Spindle. 

A machine is used where a wrap reel measures the length of the yarn and an electrical balance is used to find the weight of the jute yarn. One bobbin carrier is also attached to the machine. 

  1. At first, a bobbin is taken and put on the carrier. 
  2. The jute yarn is passed through the tensioner to wrap around the reel. 
  3. A lee of yarn is taken and the weight is measured using the electrical balance. 
  4. Calculate the count of the fabric by using  
  5. Take multiple readings of various jute yarns and make a table with all the calculations. 
  6. Then you can find the average pound per spindle according to all the readings. 

From each of the sample jute yarn you should get their sample weight in grams, unit length in yards, and unit weight in grams. Keep the sample length the same for all the pieces so that the result can be fair. If you have not made any major mistakes then you should notice that all the readings are similar. 

Final Words:

Pound per spindle is one of the most necessary count readings in the textile industry as jute has its own fanbase. Jute yarn items are tough to manufacture but they are high in demand because of their looks and versatility. 

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