What is Decitex or DTex? Things You Have To Learn 

Some terms from the textile industry might be confusing for people who are not involved with these matters as the names are very uncommon. But even if the names are weird or unheard of, they have their own value and have an important job in the textile industry. 

For example, decitex or dtex is a metric unit that is used for continuous filament yarn. The decitex is the mass in grams per 10,000 meters. To make things simpler, 550 dtex means 550 grams of 10,000 fiber/yarn, and so on. 

Figure: Decitex or DTex

The most common units of linear density are denier (D), decitex (dtex), cotton count (cc or Ne), and metric count (Nm). There is a lot to learn about Decitex or dtex, in this article we will cover some of the important topics regarding it.  

History of Decitex or Dtex. 

From the early 20th century, the concept of measuring the linear density of fibers has emerged. By the late 1950s, the decitex unit was made a part of the metric system by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM). Deci means one-tenth of a unit and tex means the unit of measurement for linear density, together making decitex.  

The Types of Decitex or Dtex. 

There are three types of decitex based on the characteristics of the yarns or fibers being measured: 

  1. Single-fiber decitex measures the linear density of each fiber. We can get information about the fineness and thickness of a single strand of fiber. 
  2. Spun yarn decitex measures the linear density of yarns which are created using short staple fibers. This shows the strength, bulkiness, and thickness of spun yarns. 
  3. Filament yarn decitex measures the linear density of continuous filaments used while manufacturing the yarn.  

The Importance of Decitex for the Textile Industry. 

To understand the concept of decitex entirely, you have to know how much of an important role it plays in the textile industry. Here are some of the brands which use decitex to manufacture products. 

  1. Nike is a global athletic apparel and footwear company and they rely on decitex to understand the appropriate performance attributes of their products. 
  2. Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion brand and they also utilize decitex to ensure that the fineness and quality of their yarns and fabrics are up to the mark. 
  3. Another high-end fashion house Armani also uses decitex to manufacture textile materials that showcase their signature elegance and ensure luxury along with comfort. 
  4. Zara is a fashion fashion retailer that emphasizes decitex to bring a vast range of garments and textile choices to meet different consumer preferences and price points.
  5. Another decitex incorporator is an outdoor gear and clothing manufacturer, Patagonia. They use decitex as an important factor in selecting textiles that can withstand harsh environmental conditions while retaining quality.  

Final Words:

Now it should be clear how important the decitex unit is as many well-known brands use this measuring unit to manufacture their products daily. Different fibers like polyester, nylon, silk, or cotton have varying decitex values and this means that their performances and properties are different as well. 

It is crucial to understand Decitex well enough so that you can select the appropriate textiles for their respective applications or while considering fabric characteristics. 

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