What is Kilotex? Best Way To Know

Even though most terms from the textile industry are not easy to understand, you will be able to catch their meanings if you put your mind to it. From the term kilotex, you can probably tell it has something to do with kilograms. If you were in that direction then you are correct. 

Kilotex is the mass in kilograms every 1000 meters or 1 kilometer in length. For example, 10 kTex means 1000 meters of length of a yarn in 10 kilograms of weight. The unit for kilotex is kTex. 

Yarn count is a numerical expression and it helps to determine the fineness or coarseness of a yarn. Not only that but there are other things to understand from the yarn count of fabric. Kilotex is a direct yarn count system and it plays a significant role in the textile industry. 

In this article, we will go through all the relevant topics to know about kilotex or kTex. 

Why is Kilotex a Direct System? 

There are two ways of yarn count measurement, 

  1. Indirect system – it tells the length per unit mass of a yarn. The count of a yarn could be found by measuring the length of a definite mass. 
  2. Direct system – it provides the mass per unit length of a yarn. The count of a yarn is figured out by measuring the mass of its fixed length. 

Since kTex is the evaluation of the weight of a yarn by using its fixed length, it falls in the direct yarn count system. Other direct yarn count system includes tex, denier, militex, decitex, and pounds per spindle 

How is Kilotex Important? 

Almost all the yarn count methods in the textile industry are important as they help to identify the characteristics of various fabric yarn. The primary aspect of yarn count is to convert it into fabric form. A kilometer or kilogram is the easiest form of measurement as it considers the weight of a yarn in a round figure. For that reason, kTex is commonly used in the textile industry to weigh yarn.  

Formula of Kilotex. 

The formula for kilotex is an easy one and there is not a specific formula used. However, to make the calculation easier, there is a formula used by textile specialists to find the kTex of a yarn. It is – 

Kilotex (ktex) = 1 kg / 1’000 meters = 1000 tex

Even without the formula, you can find the kTex of a yarn if you know its fixed length and weight.  

Final Words:

In the textile industry, there are a lot of terms used to express different aspects of a fabric. not all are easy to understand because the names can be hard to decipher. Without yarn counts in various measurement methods, it would have been tough to identify the characteristics of a fabric material. 

Kilotex has been in use for a long time just like any other yarn-counting method in the fabric industry. Without them, manufacturing textiles would not be an easy task. 

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