What is a Wrap Reel Balance?

Right from the name you can possibly get a picture of what a wrap reel balance can be. A wrap reel, also known as a skein winder is a device that is used for measuring yarn and turning it into hanks of standard size. The wrap reel machine is used for measuring the length of a yarn. It is pretty easy to use a wrap reel if you are aware of its characteristics.

Figure: What is a Wrap Reel Balance

For people working in the textile industry, the wrap reel balance is a useful instrument. In this article, we will learn more about this modern equipment.  

More on the Wrap Reel Balance. 

As you already know a wrap reel balance is a device that is used for measuring yarn and turning it into hanks of a standard size. The reel has s standard size and each number of revolutions is counted as the yarn gets wrapped around it. 

Figure: Wrap Reel Balance

Usually, the wrap will go through a fixed number of revolutions so that the hank can have a standard size. This is known as making lea or skein. There are two types of wrap reel and they are based on the driving method. They are – hand-driven and power-driven.  

How to Use a Wrap Reel Balance. 

Using a wrap reel balance is not the hardest job on the planet but you have to know the basic rules. 

  1. Choose the yarn of your choice to get its count tested. 
  2. Set the yarn through the tensioners and guide bars. 
  3. Wrap the yarn around the wrap reel to make lea. 
  4. Set the fixed set of revolutions you want to make Hank. (1 revolution = 54 inches)
  5. Take the weight of the lea using an analytic balance and convert the weight gram to pound. 
  6. Calculate the yarn count using the equation. 
  7. Form a table consisting of length, weights, number of turns, and count. 
  8. Find the average count of the yarn. 

Calculation of the Yarn Count: 

This is the equation you have to use to find the yarn count from the wrap reel balance. 

Count = (W/l) / (L/w)

To make things more exact, here is an example – 

For example – 140 yards of 100% cotton yarn weighs 4 grams. Find its count. 

We know, 1 gram is equal to 0.00220462 pounds.

Precautions to Take. 

  1. Take the weights very carefully. 
  2. Take multiple weights to ensure that the calculations are accurate. 
  3. Ensure that your wrap reel balance is on leveled ground so that you do not get any mismatched values. 
  4. Maintain proper tension of the yarn while the yarn is winded on the wrap reel. 

Final Words:

The wrap reel balance is a necessary piece of equipment in the textile industry as it helps to identify the weight of yarn. Even though this instrument is very easy to use, you have to know all the steps and take precautionary measures to ensure that your readings are accurate. 

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