ne Yarn Count and Nm Yarn Count

Yarn is a thin strand of material used to produce clothing. It comes in a variety of hues and textures. Yarn count is a number that indicates how thick or thin the yarn is. The indirect yarn numbering system comprises both metric count and English count. This system measures the length of a consistent weight of yarn, with greater yarn counts indicating finer yarn.

What is Ne Yarn Count?

English count (Ne) is calculated using the formula:

 Ne = (L/G) * 840. 

Here, L is the length of the yarn in yards, and G is the mass of the yarn in pounds. It measures the fineness of yarn in English units. The greater the count, the finer the yarn. The application and expression are comparable to metric counts, such as 32s, 40s, 32s/2, 40s/3, and so on.

Ne represents how many times a 1lb weight cotton fiber yarn of 840 yards length, under standard moisture regain conditions. It is called an English count (S). 

Formula of ne nm Yarn Count
Formula of ne nm Yarn Count

What is Nm Yarn Count?

Nm (or metric count) is a yarn count system that measures the fineness or thickness of yarn in the metric system. The Nm yarn count refers to the number of kilometers of yarn that weigh one kilogram. The formula for calculating nm yarn count is:

nm= Length of yarn in meters/ weight of yarn in kilograms

Or, nm= Nm = L/G

G is the mass of the yarn (g) and L is the length of the yarn (m)

Ne Nm Yarn Count Conversion Table

Ne1 X Ne0.5905 x Nm
Nm1.693 x Ne1 X Nm


If we sum up, Yarn counts Ne and Nm are thickness measurement units. Ne is in English units, while Nm is metric. Higher numbers indicate finer yarn.

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